What we do for you


For Models:

Jacobay Modeling and Talent is about giving young aspiring women the opportunity to showcase their talents and build their portfolios while modeling in some of the most unique castling calls in the modeling industry.


For Clients:

We offer unmatched service and support for a wide range of clients while providing extremely talented and motivated models for all types of casting calls.

Jacobay Modeling and Talent

Founded by the late Kristine Jacobay and Kevin Jannici in 2005, Jacobay modeling and talent opened it's doors to a wide array of casting calls and talent displays with much success and awe of the modeling industy.


Aaron Debako took over operations for Kevin Jannici in 2012 and opened more doors for the company and provided more opportunity for models.


Aaron announced his retirement from the modeling industry in 2016 and handed the business over to his lead project manager Scott Ellison who has been building on both Aaron's and Kevin's success ever since.


Scott Ellison has since opened more doors to casting calls and has used his MMA background to bring unique opportunities to the modeling industry. Since Scott's take over, Jacobay Modeling and Talent has been able to maintain a large presence in the hair modeling and print category, while also creating opportunities for unique casting calls such as; Wrestling, Foot on Ropes, and MMA.